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Who i am

" i'm not a human, i'm a co-driver "

my name is federico boglietti
I was born in 1962 in Turin.
my family had much more culture and human values than money.
anyway, since I was a child they have never made me miss toy cars.
as all male child, in me was born passion for motor and in next years passion for motor racing.
in 1987 when 25 years old, fortune looks me and i meet Francesco
my first driver and my menthor in rally world.

My career started in 1987 Rally Team 971, a national rally near turin, in a crazy snow spring morning. our kadett gsi 1.8 was ready to guest me for first time seating to the right to read pacenotes.
between 1987 and 1990 i raced in OPEL trophy and fortune looks me again.
i was racing for "leader team" and team boss Massimo enrico, asked me to race with his brother Gianmarco in italian opel finals with a more performant kadett gsi 2.0 16v.
we raced and we won finals, and my career was at begin to a big improvent.

in 1991, co-driver to gianmarco, we start the italian "aperol" championship with sierra cosworth 4x4 by repetto motors and we won again the championship.

in 1992 i start my season, waiting sierra cosworth 4x4 gr. a,with stefano giorgioni again on board at Sierra Cosworth gr. N, called by pino repetto and massimo to substitute official Stefano's co-driver and we won first rally in the season. Stefano in 1992 win the gr. n italian "aperol" championship, one year later gianmarco

between 1992 and 1993 i raced many rally with Sierra cosworth Gr. a and gr. n, in italian and europen hystoric rally championships with Gualtiero giribaldi, the "perfect" gentleman driver and his wonderfull porsche 356 speedster, and at the end of 1993 again fortune at my door.
pino repetto ask me to race for ford italia team as Giovanni manfrinato co-driver and again my career goes up.

in 1994 i meet one of most faster driver in my rally life, emanuele garosci, 21 years old with fire in blood and a super heroe courage.
an entire season in italian championship with lancia delta evo Gr. a and many emotions.
and with ford escort gr. a in 1997 our last rally togheter.
in 2014 "black lady" take emanuele in a tragic sunday morning.
god bless my friend emanuele wherever he is now

in 1997 and till 1999 i have been co-driver to valter Rostagno, one of hystorical lancia abarth test driver, and we raced more competitions with Lancia Delta evo gr. a and subaru impreza gr. a.

----------- first part of my career paused here ----------

second part of my career starts in 2020
thanks to the lockdown for covid-19.
I meet my friend stefano giorgioni on facebook, he has a hyundai i20 R5 and the curiosity to see how he is doing compared to the gr. A of a past time rises up.
in May 2020 we do a 70km test session and I realize that I am still able to read the notes and with Stefano we decide to start the season from the alba rally #ra20
in 2020 we race alba's rally and citta' of turin rally, after second rally, a little healt problem stop me for second time.
In 2021 my curiosity move me to Team D'Ambra for be the co-driver to Francesco D'Ambra, son of Mario the team principal and my driver in some rallies in 1992 with Kadett GSI Gr. A, on board to Skoda Fabia R5.
the 2021 season is over with the return paired with Stefano Giorgioni always on the Skoda Fabia R5 Evo of D'Ambra's team.
I think 2022 could be a year together with Stefano but we still don't know on board of which car.

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